Hey, It's Me!

“Gerick” (Gerard+Patrick) Gonzales, an endlessly inspired creator at heart.

A bit about me

“Gerick” (Gerard+Patrick) Gonzales is an endlessly inspired creator at heart. As someone who always finds joy in the ordinary and mundane, his go-to phrase, “THAT’S AMAZING!” is spoken most genuinely every single time. Because of the wonder and joy he’s somehow maintained throughout his life, Gerick’s clients all agree that the quality of his work is on par with the energy, passion, and dedication he brings to every shoot.

In 2018, Gerick first discovered how much he enjoyed the media creation process when he began documenting his love for cars through videography and vlogging. A self-taught videographer currently based in Edmonton, AB, Canada, he’s worked with various different artists and businesses for their music video and promotional needs, capturing their story, emotion, and vision. With like-minded friends and colleagues to learn with, he has picked up many techniques that are utilized in his portraiture photography as well as landscape, product, adventure, business, candid, cityscape, and family photography. He has since started a family in 2020 which comes with the never-ending opportunities to capture milestones and memories!

In the Fall of 2021, Gerick decided to officially begin sharing his passion for story-telling and expressing his mind by launching this website as a central hub for people to access his services!

Testimonials What Our Clients Say

Lilli and Cam

Gerick is so fun and easy to work with. He understands my vision and never fails to impress me with his final work. He puts in incredible effort into each one of his clients. You won’t be disappointed if you use him!

JL Realty Group

Gerick, is our guy when it comes to our photos and videos. From the beginning he understands the concept or theme that we try to go in our various projects. On top of that he is very responsive and patient with us. It makes all our shoots more comfortable and and a breeze. We highly recommend.


Gerick has taken photos and videos of me and my family for a couple years now and he never fails to amaze me. He always exceeds my expectations and brings my visions into reality. Not only is Gerick talented and has an eye for photography/videography, he is a very kind and patient person. He will help you feel confident infront of the camera and will capture those candid moments. Gerick is very meticulous in what he does and will make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome.


I highly recommend Gerick if you’re wanting to do a shoot. He’s super fun to work with and will always make sure you’re happy with your pictures